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Subjective Atlas of Luxembourg

Subjective Editions, expected publishing date summer 2019
Subjective Atlas of Luxembourg, mapping the alternative
CASINO, 18 October – 9 December 2018
Project invited by
Casino Luxembourg, Forum d’art contemporain
Workshop guidance
by Lucie Majerus
Within the framework of
Design City LX Festival
With the support of
OEvre nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte

What does it mean to be Luxemburger when the majority of the inhabitants have routs somewhere else? What if the young generation all study abroad? What if there is no art academy in the country; how to define the cultural specificity? What is the alternative to the broadly criticized nation-branding? And how to capture the strength, opportunities and beauty of one of the smallest but richest countries of Europe?

Casino Contemporary Art Center invited Subjective Atlas editions to collaboratively map Luxembourg from inside out. As part of the biennial Design City LXBG, the origin of the project is exhibited, from its concept to the publications realized so far. It will also be an opportunity for anyone interested to participate in the realization of a subjective atlas on Luxembourg, to learn about the project, workshops and exchange ideas.


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