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Subjective atlas of Colombia

CONCEPT: Annelys de Vet

EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION: Hugo Herrera Tobón, Moniek Driesse in collaboration with local producers of various Colombian institutions

GRAPHIC DESIGN AND EDITING: Hugo Herrera Tobón, Moniek Driesse, Annelys de Vet In collaboration with all participants
INTRODUCTION: Guillermo Vanegas
PARTICIPANTS: Trixi Allina Bloch, Emma Anna, Andrés Bernal Guarín, Felipe Bonilla, Milena Bonilla, Kathy Bossa, Juan Pablo Bravo Rodas, Adalberto Camperos, Mario Cano, Samuel Castaño, Sandra Teresa Castro, Diana Marcela Cuartas, Camilo Delgado CAMO, Natalia Domínguez Rangel, Moniek Driesse, Lina Espinosa, Cristina Figueroa, Fernando García V.squez, Maria Elena García, Felipe Ginebra, José Alejandro González, Diana Rosalba Granados Manrique, Catalina Hernández, Luis Hernández Mellizo, Hugo Herrera Tobón, Iván Herrera, HUSOS, Maite Ibarreche, Tahuanty Jacanamijoy, Santiago Leal, Mario Llanos, Sergio Mantilla Soler, Diego Mariño, Carola Medina, Susana Mejía, Luis Meyer, Ana Patricia Montenegro, Coste Montenegro, Monica Naranjo, Nezu Aymo architects, José Olano, Viviana Palacio, Catalina Parra, Jonathan Peña, Juan José Pérez, Populardelujo (Roxana Martínez, Esteban Ucrós, Juan Esteban Duque), Libia Posada, Adriana Ramorez, Giovanni Randazzo, Camilo Rico, Gwendy Rozo Vargas, Lydia Rubio, María Isabel Rueda, Andrea Sanchez Zuluaga, Wilger Sotelo Rojas, Luisa Ungar, Stephan Cornelio Velema, Carlos Vergara
Semana Libros, 2015
Language: Spanish–English
232 colour pages, 16.5 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-958-589-877-6

As a whole, the works compiled in this volume constitute an unconscious autobiography of Colombia’s current aspirations and fears. They reveal that the nation is at a crossroads in terms of its cultural identity, caught between socio-political commitment and poetic escape, and offer tools to engender both economic and cultural ideas and prejudices. Over 60 artists and designers form a map that traces, challenges, and vindicates what it means to live in Colombia, embodying its contemporary historical memory. The initiative was conceived by Hugo Herrera Tobón, Moniek Dreisse, and Annelys de Vet to further encourage a discussion of the nation’s complex cultural identity.


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