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Subjective atlas of the Netherlands

This atlas has been made by students of Design Academy Eindhoven, department ‘Man & Communication. In the turbulent spring of 2005 Annelys de Vet (tutor) asked them to map the Netherlands, based on personal involvement. Over the summer they collaborated to edit all towards this inspiring book, published by BIS Publishers.
CONCEPT & DESIGN: Annelys de Vet
INTRODUCTION: Lidewij Edelkoort
CONTRIBUTORS: Maja Bialon, Emiel van Boekel, Merel Boers, Anieke Branderhorst, Lars Breitenfeldt, Pim van der Burgt, Friso Dijkstra, Moniek Driesse, Ine van Elsen, Ruben Esser, Jeanine Essink, Chester Griët, Christie Haalboom, Kim Hemmes, Sofi e Hoenselaars, Gijs Huijgen, Esseline Keeven, Nancy Kennis, Jean-Philppe Klein, Max Kortsmit, Janneke Laarakkers, Itay Lahav, Anouk Meeren, Rop van Mierlo, Melissa Peen, Liselotte Pepping, Marije Riesewijk, Jochem Ruijgrok, Marlon van Schellebeek, David Schocken, Solvi Sigurdsson, Janneke Smale, Stephan Velema, Robin Verweij, Michiel Vlaanderen, Carline Vrielink, Jeroen Weijering, Simone van Wijk, Frank Winnubst, Naomi Yasuda
BIS Publishers, 2005
Language: Dutch

192 colour pages, 16.5 x 22 cm
ISBN 906,369,119-X

The image of the Netherlands is instable. Old pictures aren’t sufficient anymore and new ones are being searched for. More then a dozen students of the Design Academy Eindhoven have mapped the Netherlands with its habits, citizens, culture and language. Personal involvement and interest always as a starting point.

By means of graphs, indexes, photographs, drawings and maps the lowlands are put in perspective. From bicycle tales and weapon export, to zapping from brand to brand and concerning gentle forgotten guilders. From inland country and fears, to foreign countries and dreams. These non-conventional pictures give a surprising insight in what binds the Dutch.

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