Subjective atlas of Mexico

The Subjective Atlas of Mexico was initiated by Moniek Driesse and Analía Solomonoff, who conducted workshops in Casa Vecina (México D.F., august 2009), Ule (Mérida, Yucatán, May 2010) and Iago (Cd. De Oaxaca, july 2010). For the last workshop at AAVi (Ciudad de Méxcio D.F., october 2010) Annelys de Vet joined.  It was made possible thanks to the financial support of  the Mondriaan Stichting in the Netherlands.
CONCEPT: Annelys de Vet
COORDINATION: Moniek Driesse, Analía Solomonoff
GRAPHIC DESIGN & EDITING: Moniek Driesse, Annelys de Vet, in collaboration with all participants
EDITORIAL COORDINATION: Analía Solomonoff (LAST), Moniek Driesse
PRODUCTION DVD: Diego Gutiérrez
TEXTS: Chiara Arroyo, Fernando Martín Juez, Annelys de Vet
PARTICIPANTS: Silvana Agostoni, Alejandra Alós, María José Alós Espéron, Francis Alÿs, Adriana Balvanera, Miroslava Basaldua Flores, Annette Bauer, María Luz, Bravo, Ana Bretón, Pilar Cámara, Alfonso Camberos, Javier Campuzano, Carlo Rodrigo Canto Ávila, Christian Cañibe, Wilma Anahí Chan Monforte, Rocío Chaveste, Yuriko Cortéz, Andrea Cordero Ramón, José Luis Cuevas, Franklin J. Díaz, Marisol Domínguez, Úrsula Espino Herrero, Anaid Espinosa, José Ramón Estrada A., Citlali Fabián Bautista, Helena Fernández-Cavada, Ruth Fuentes Sansores, Rocio Gallardo, Héctor Flores Ramírez, Rafael Gamboa, Amauta García Vázquez, Arturo Guillen, Judith González Ham, Martín Kanek, Gutiérrez Vásquez, Gilberto Hernández, Pedro Salvador Hernández Ramírez, Ileana Jiménez Gáber, Salvador Lemis, Juan Pedro López, Adriana Martínez de la Rosa, Alejandra Muñoz, Marco Muñoz, Enrique López Navarrete, Nirvana Paz, Diego Padilla, Livia Radwanski, Ángel Gustavo Rivero, María Rivero, Karina Sada, Luciano Sánchez Taul, Oliver Santana, Tania Solomonoff, Arturo Soto, Aldo Vázquez Yela, Arit Marín Tun, Julio Villavicencio, Daniel Yáñez Palma, Viviana Zúñiga Rojas
LAST, 2011
Language: SpanishEnglish
192 colour pages, 16.5 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-607-781-840-3

The contradictory traits of an identity that is in continuous growth is reflected in this subjective atlas. It is a catalogue—always unfinished—of our likenesses and differences as Mexicans, questioning the collective values that we share, and the cultural image that we build around us. A varied group of artists, designers, photographers and other sensitive souls, chose personal topics as a starting point to map their cultural identity. The uncommon connections made in these visual inventories and representations reveal views that usually remain invisible. In the context of the Subjective Atlas of Mexico everyday practices suddenly take on new meanings. Through its pages the scope of Mexico as a country limited by its borders and its latitudes, vanishes to make senses and perspectives burst. We can find Mexico reflected in the world, and the world reflected in Mexico.

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