Subjective atlas of Hainaut

The recognition of twenty sites and events as UNESCO World Heritage was the trigger for the Province of Hainaut to realize a Subjective Atlas of the province. In collaboration with these organizations over 8 workshops were organized with people having a personal relation with these particular sites.
EDITORS/CURATORS: Moniek Driesse, Annelys de Vet. WITH: Grand-Hornu Images, Féderation du Tourism
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Bureau DEVET (Moniek Driesse, Rekka Fries [intern], David Ortiz, Annelys de Vet)
CONTRIBUTORS: Veronique Adam. Pierre Arcq, Michel Avaert, Christine Aubeye, Claire Barbier, Catherine Berger, Catherine Vanden Broecke, Antoinette Bonfitto, Dominique Blondiau, Christian Boltanski, StОphanie Bonato, Boris Bordellier, Nicolas Buissart, Mladen Bundalo, Marie Cannella, Laurent Cannizzaro, Giovanna Corda, Coralie Cardon, HОlПne Collet, Anne-Sophie Costenoble, Robert Covassin, Andre Deffernez, Jean-Louis Delaet, Christel DeliПge, Nathalie DelsipОe, Florence Delwarte, Valerie Demanet, Filip Depuydt, Moniek Driesse, BenoФt Dochy, Laurent Dubuisson, Claire Duhaut, Jean Eloy, Xavier Fer, Alain Forti, Sophie Gallez, Renata Gemma, Karima Haoudy, Camille van Hove, Maria Ikonomidis, Colette Ista, Christophe Janssens, Vanessa Krins, SОbastien Laurent, Jean-Remy Legrand, Pierre Lemal, Marie Lempereur, Leslie Leoni, Jaques Mabille, Annick Mahin, Maxime Mathieu, Julien Maquet, David Ortiz, FrОdОrique PОcriaux, Marie Pok, Francis vande Putte, Amandyne Rosart, Olivier Roupin, Gina Santin, AdПle Santocono, Mara De Sario, Yannic Sarre, Julie De Schampheleer, Isabelle Sirjacobs, Arnoud Stouffs, Philippe Trauwaert, Manuela Valentino, Annelys de Vet, Vincent Vincke, CОcile Wagner, Christian WarzОe, Maryse Willems
Grand-Hornu Images, 2013
Language: Frensh–English

192 colour pages, 16.5 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-296-012-681-5

The Belgium province of Hainaut is a crossroad of destinies and histories. It’s a border land located on a geometric location of potential other worlds, intertwined in a surrealist reality and against a backdrop of chiming bells. It’s is a region with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, though outside it’s borders that’s frequently over looked.

In this subjective atlas more then three dozen Hainuyers show what this cultural heritage means for them as artists, designers and inhabitants. What roles do historical events play in their every-day live? What does it mean when a site is protected by the world heritage list? How does it form their contemporary reality Rather then folkloristic clichés, the visual authors of this atlas present personal, sensitive and at times razor-sharp visions. In this way the Subjective atlas of Hainaut is a poetic form of antrophology, offering a new insight in the barely tangible aspects that make a culture both characterististic and in continuous change.

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