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Subjective atlas of Brussels

EDITORIAL TEAM: Annelys de Vet, Kurt van Belleghem, Erika Sprey, Riita Oittinen INTERN: Lisemarie van Loon PARTICIPANTS INCLUDE:  Laurence Vigin, Ritte Oittinen, Anne Versailles, Georgios Tziapouras, Eliana Tziapouras, Gilbert Debeer, Dena Vahdani, Erik Gonzales, Angelique Berhault, Celeste Joly, Liselores Vandeput, Marjorie Vandriessche, An Vandermeulen, Evelyne Morlot, Funda Taşdan, Pieterjan Volckaert, Stephanie Van der Goten, Jonas, Patrick Jordens, Shilemeza Prins

Subjective Atlas Editions invited the people from Brussels to map the city from inside out, contribute their observations, visualizations, maps, drawings, photo series and graphs. From visualizing daily routes to the limitations of the traffic, from cultural diversity to individual complexities, from historic presence to street names and local stores. What does it mean to currently live in Brussels? How do you define the city? What are the issues at stake?

As part of the inauguration exhibition in MAD several workshops were organized in the spring and autumn 2017 where the proposals were developed, refined and designed together. The Subjective atlas of Brussels will be published autumn 2018.

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