Bottom-up cartographic publications mapping a country, region or city by the inhabitants themselves

Subjective Atlas Editions is a rhizomatic publishing initiative that develops and disseminates bottom-up engaged mapping publications. In collaboration with international publishers and cultural institutes, an expanding series of subjective atlases is being made. These volumes are mapping a country, region or geo-political entity on a personal way by the inhabitants themselves.

During workshops with local cultural institutes, artists, designers, photographers and architects are invited to map their country, environment, daily live or social concerns from their own perspective. Personal involvement is the starting point to produce human, unconventional and ‘honest’ images. The maps, graphs, inventories, flags and drawings as a whole expose the consequences of political change, but discreetly, implicitly, and not as a goal. The publications show, above all, a complex reality that is often blinded by too simplistic media images.

This powerful series of alternative, copyright-free cartographies can serve as an inspiring, publicly available tool to critically question the apparently objective.

If you are interested in developing an atlas on your region, get in touch with us.