Subjective Atlas Editions goes Singapore

January 15, 2020

For a collaborative project between the art schools Lasalle in Singapore and Sint Lucas in Antwerp we started to develop a Subjective atlas of Singapore — that directly got a critical depth the moment the students spoke about their view on reality with the manicured nature, security camera’s in the parcs, the imported water, the racial diversity versus the spreading of wealth, the amount of pools, the low birth rate and the urban planning in perspective of the colonial structures. What does it mean to live in Singapore, and what can we learn from its inhabitants?
The students of the art schools Lasalle shared their views on what it means to live in Singapore, and face very layered realities of wealth, rules, diversity, quality, pressure and the human position within this. They unveiled their visions in sketches of the citystate and possible other flags to represent it from a perspective from within. We hope that this workshop will be the starting point of a locally run trajectory to further map the region from subjective positions to come towards an atlas that can unveil the multitude of realities.




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