Workshop Subjective atlas of Luxembourg, CASINO

December 9, 2018

Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 December 10 designers from Luxembourg joined forces and developed contributions for the upcoming Subjective atlas of Luxembourg. The urban landscapes were captured, maps were cut and re-arranged, the life of children was captured through the lens of the institutions they visit while their parents are at work, the ‘Rue Du Luxembourg’ was captured with all the new buildings that have replaced the old houses, resulting (amongst others) in an overload of interior-magazines and real-estate agencies, and how does Luxembourg look from a dog’s perspective – and which dog-walking-service is walking the dog while the owners are at work? Other’s captured the traffic jams in the morning from abroad to the city center, and in the evening the opposite directions; data was collected to show the patterns of society.

All these works were further developed and worked out to become part of the first pdf of the Subjective Atlas, on the basis of which the next participants will develop and visualize their narratives.