Join workshop Subjective atlas of Brussels

May 1, 2017

Subjective Atlas Editions is inviting people from Brussels to come and map Brussels from inside out. From visualizing daily routes to the limitations of the traffic, from cultural diversity to individual complexities, from historic presence to street names and local stores. What does it mean to currently live in Brussels? How is the city defined by it’s inhabitants and users? What are the issues at stake?  

During the inauguration exhibition in MAD we invite people of all sorts to contribute their observations, visualizations, maps, photo series and graphs. During 4 workshops guided by designer Annelys de Vet, the different proposals will be discussed, refined and worked out together. The contributions will become part of the exhibition, with which a new subjective atlas will be compiled and published.

Workshop lasts one day, but participants are expected to come back soon after with their proposals and designs furhter worked out. Every Saturday and sundays there is assistence available in the exhibiton.


Friday 26 May
Saturday 27 May
Saturday 24 June
Sunday 25 June

Time: 12am — 5pm
Location: MAD Brussels
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